4 easy ways to make money as a student

During university, most of the students watch their expenses pile up every month while they are most of the times strapped for cash. Time is precious, but between classes, there is always the opportunity to make some extra cash if someone is creative enough and willing to put some extra effort. 
It is best if someone starts to earn some money before getting a degree. Finding a job while studying might be a great opportunity to develop new skills and talents and also add some working experience in your CV for the future. Working while studying will help you eliminate the pressure to find the job of your dreams afterwards. 
For those studying in South Africa, the expenses for enrolling in a university might be overwhelming. There are tuition fees to cover and related expenses such as applications, deposits, registration, as long as books and equipment. South African students have protested in the past for the high cost of the university and many things changed over the years, but truth be told, free education is an unrealistic goal for the country. 
There are many ways for someone creative enough to make money while studying, apart from making homemade jewellery and sell them on websites like Etsy. 

Jobs On-Campus


Working at the Library

While being a student the best place to start looking for a job is the library. Students can work as library assistants. This kind of job eliminates commuting time and gives them the opportunity to ensure that they won’t lose any classes. Each university library job is different but there are some general responsibilities like supervision of study space. Another opportunity is to work at the front desk and help students sign out books or provide general information.   


Students can start tutoring on campus especially if they are in their final year or postgraduates. Most of the universities have a tutoring system. If someone is strong in a specific subject or performs well in certain classes they can approach their lecturer to check for tutoring opportunities. 
The best thing about tutoring, if someone is extremely good and confident about his abilities and knowledge, is that it can be a steady source of income. 

Work From Home 


Freelance work

Today there are many opportunities for a student to work as a freelancer. There are many freelance marketplaces websites that offer a platform for employers and employees to negotiate a deal on a flat fee per hour. 
If someone knows two or more languages can work as a translator of books or newspaper articles. Editors and proofreaders are constantly needed in almost all businesses. A great way to find a job offer is while searching on websites for freelancers or just advertise yourself on Facebook and Twitter. 


Blogging is always a good idea. A blog can be about gardening, animals, sports or even studying. There are a lot of topics and if someone is passionate about a topic, blogging is an excellent way to make money. 
The most difficult part is to find something you are really passionate about. It doesn’t have to be a unique topic, although it could help a lot. The secret to success is for someone to be always eager to take the next step and create unique content every day. 
Blogging is a way to make money through advertising, sponsored posts, brand collaborations, affiliate links, product and service reviews, giveaways and sponsored social media posts. 

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