How to (Legally) Get Free Internet

Did you run out of MB’s? Is the cost of your home internet too high and your cash is limited? Did you just move out to a new house and you don’t have anything but mobile data for the time being? For whatever reason, you want access to some free internet.
Fortunately for you, there are more than a few ways to get free internet. All the options we give you are legal, they have been tested and they work. So here are 3 excellent ways to get free internet in Sout Africa.

Rea Vaya bus stations

The Rea Vaya bus stations are a good way to get access to free internet. All commuters have the ability to use Rea Vaya’s Wifi with no limitations. So sit back, relax and catch up with your internet needs. 
Some of the bus stations that have free Wifi include: Lakeview, Klipspruit, Valley, Boomtown, Orlando Police Station, Orlando Stadium, Noordgesig, Ghostown, Diepkloo, Basothong, Mavumbi, Westgate, Chancellor House, EastLibrary, Gardens, EastCarlton, Centre EastFashion, Square, EastArt, GalleryOld, Synagogue, Doornfontein, CampusEllis, and Park.
For more about Rea Vaya’s free internet, visit the company’s Wifi Stations Guide.

Wiman App

Wiman was only another startup in 2012. Its vision was to simplify the WiFi access and meet the growing need of Free WiFi. In 2015 their vision came true. Wiman made a Free WiFi App for Android in. Since then, they provide a seamless mobile WiFi connectivity all over the world.
Thanks to a growing crowdsourced and curated database of over 60 Million WiFi Hotspots, Wiman is building the world’s largest Free WiFi Community. Their network gets bigger every day with an average of 2,5 Million new WiFi each month.
Wiman is becoming the largest WiFi database with over 60.000.000 hotspots.  In addition to all open WiFi and FREE hotspots all around the world, you can connect to Free WiFi shared by the Wiman global user community, even sharing yours, and enjoy unlimited WiFi anywhere, anytime.
Wiman is also available in Johannesburg. Therefore, if you find yourself in of the below places, don’t forget to download the Wiman App for some free internet. This is where you can enjoy Free WiFi in Johannesburg, according to

  • Johannesburg City Council
  • Emparos palace
  • CNA Epsom Downs
  • Buccleuch Spar
  • FNB Fairlands
  • Newtown Junction

You can also browse the free Wifi Map of Johannesburg:

a map with free internet spots in Johannesburg
Free internet spots in Johannesburg / Source: Wiman


Public libraries

Another legitimate way to get some free internet access is through a public library. Most libraries nowadays offer an internet access for free. Not only that but surfing in a library comes with many bonuses.
To begin with, a library is one of the quietest places you will find yourself in. Libraries are known for their austere quietness. As a result, this will allow you to work better than you would in most other environments. Secondly, many libraries make you feel comfortable with their nice big seats and large tables. And third, some libraries have their own computers so you don’t even need a smartphone or a laptop to have free internet access.
For internet usage rules in the library, it’s always a good idea to check with the librarian first.
Happy surfing!

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