Simple Ways to Save Money Every Month

Running low on money at the end of the month or in general? Fortunately, there are many ways to save money. And saving money can be easier than you think. You can save from things you buy ‘’by default’’ when, in reality, you don’t need them as much. Here are five things to cut down on or stop buying completely.

Save money from takeaway coffee and beverages

Consider stop buying coffee and takeaway drinks from coffee shops and restaurants. You could easily be spending over three to four dollars a day on your drink of choice. And, if you also buy a drink in the afternoon, it’s double the expense.
What you can do instead is prepare your favourite drink, coffee or smoothie at home. You can invest in whatever appliance, tool or machine is necessary to make your drink of your choice before heading out. It won’t take more than a few months, or even weeks, before the sum of all those takeaways reaches the cost your purchase.

Save money from clothes

If you’re contemplating on whether you should buy clothes or not, then you probably shouldn’t buy any. As a rule of thumb, you can agree with yourself that if you don’t need something, you shouldn’t buy it. 
Furthermore, you can save from clothes and accessories in many ways. First, you can stop buying clothes anytime during the year and go out for shopping only when there are sales going on. Also, you can save about 50% by buying second-hand clothes. Second-hand clothes are almost as good as new and cost way less. They also come with many benefits. So why not?

Save money from eating outside 

Food is one of the primary expenses in every household in the world. How often do you eat outside? Are you ordering a meal every time you are in the office or at work? Maybe it’s time you stopped that. The cost of eating outside quickly adds up.
Keep in mind that going out and eating with friends every once in a while is something you should be doing. On the other hand, eating outside or ordering food because you didn’t cook or you didn’t prepare a meal is what should be avoided.

Save money from subscription services

Looking for more ways to save money? Try cutting down on subscription services. Think of all the subscription services that you’re using. It could be anything from Netflix to your gym subscription. How often do you use those? It is possible that they are eating away your budget when they shouldn’t.
For example, when considering Netflix, there are free video streaming platforms with high-quality content; YouTube being one of them. And if you aren’t hitting the gym as planned, consider stop paying for it. You should either go or stop your subscription. A gym subscription alone doesn’t make you fitter or healthier.

Save money from entertainment

Going out to the movies a couple of times a month can be very expensive. There are other ways to have fun. Those ways can be cheaper or even completely free, besides sitting at home and watching mindlessly TV, of course.
Try googling ‘’free events’’ for the place you are staying. You will be amazed by how many activities and meetings you will find about a number of different things. What you can also do is find dedicated Facebook groups with such activities. Users in these groups post daily about free events that take place near you.

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