The 3 Best Free Travel Apps for Trip Planning & Using on Vacation

While travelling is often associated with beautiful experiences and moments that can last forever, the real adventure begins before every adventure and it’s called trip planning.

While travelling is often associated with beautiful experiences and moments that can last forever, the real adventure begins before every adventure and it’s called trip planning. Questions like where to go, how to go, and what to do need some answers. And most likely, you are the one who has to give those answers.  Thankfully, there are many travel apps that can help you with exactly that – your trip planning from start to finish.
These three travel apps are those that stand out nowadays: Airbnb, Kayak, and TripAdvisor.


TheSmartphone showing the travel app Airbnb Airbnb mobile app has three primary Tabs: Home, Places, and Experiences.
The Home section is what Airbnb focuses on the most. There are different offerings and homes listed right on the front page that might interest you based on your past travels. You can also select room types and different amenities to really focus in on your search.
Airbnb also has Places: Places is one of the newest things they added to the app where you can experience more of the local area. You can listen to guides of different attractions around the cities. You can also look at meetups where people participate in various activities around an area.
There are also audio walks which give you audio descriptions as you walk around different areas. In the same section you can also find guides for different locations for your tours. 
The Experiences section sheds some light on the area you’re interested in staying. This is where you can find different events, i.e. Art and Design. You can look at different music festivals or concerts, or other social impact activities.
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Smartphone showing the travel app Kayak
The Kayak app can help you with your trip planning and vacations three-ways, namely Flights, Hotels, and Cars. It’s an excellent app for planning, booking and traveling. Kayak explore lets you see a number of traveling options, based on your budget and preferences. In just one search, Kayak can show you prices from hundreds of travel websites so you can get the best flight and hotel deals. Kayak trips organizes your flight and hotel bookings all in one place. 
Kayak has four main features.
With Search you can find deals on flights, hotels and rental cars. There is also Price Forecasts which lets you know whether your airfare is likely to go up. You can also take a look at the price history charts which show airfare trends from the last 90 days.
The Trip Assistant let’s you book flights, stay up-to-date with real-time flight status, and navigate around the airport with step-by-step directions. Keep in mind that an internet connection is not mandatory for the assistant, as you can use it offline to view timetables and airport maps. 
Next, there is Price Alerts do the searching for you. With that function you can create a custom alert for a flight or a hotel and you will receive a notification as soon as the price will change. 
Finally, Flight Tracker tracks the status of your flights. This feature gives you the ability to monitor the status of departure and arrival times, as well as the progress of your flight mid-air through a map view.
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Smartphone showing the travel app Tripadvisor

Last but not least in our travel apps list comes TripAdvisor. The largest social travel website has, of course, its very own mobile app. With the TripAdvisor app, you can find the lowest hotel prices, the latest traveler reviews, and “make the most of every trip.” 
You can start by finding a hotel to stay in. The travel app has a map view through which you get a sense for hotel prices in the area of your choice. Once you find the hotel you want, TripAdvisor compares prices from over 200 hotel booking sites. That way you can find the lowest price on the right hotel for you.
In addition, you can discover many things you can do on your trip: everything from tours and top-rated experiences to VIPs skip-the-line passes. When you discover something you find interesting, save it to your Trip. Later, you can share those trip ideas so everyone you’re traveling with stays in the loop.
Anything you save will sync across devices so you can free book activities and make plans together no matter where you are.
And whenever you’re ready to go on a tour you’ve booked, you can easily access the booking from inside the travel app. 
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